Plato – Your partner in automation

Plato Teknik AB is a partner in automation - we design, build and install intelligent and flexible machines. Our customers are in the pharmaceutical, food and polymer industries - industries with the highest standards of product safety.



Our standard solutions for portion, filling, picking and packaging. Products developed for reliable production and easy to use. Customized to your wishes and needs.



Tailor made machines and production lines adapted to your products and needs. Plato gives you a turn key solution developed in Sweden. Smart solutions based on our long experience together with effective project organization provide short repayment. 


Plato | Paint systems

PLATO | MST-1000.

Plato 2-components mixing and feeding systems. 

Fast, accurate, reliable and easy-to-use systems for manual and fully automated use.

Edge painting technique for applying paint on edges or in tracks etc without overspray. Result looks like a tape.