Plato Teknik AB 

2015 we opened up in Staffanstorp. With the vision of building nice affordable machines, further developing the solutions our customers demand and be close for support and service.

Our working methods are designed to ensure the quality of our products as well as our projects. They also allow us to be flexible so that we can take both large and small projects and have several projects running in parallel.

The whole business is based on the fact that customers have full confidence in Plato and how we work with our entire network of partners.

In Staffanstorp we have resources for project management and a workshop where the machines are assembled and tested. On the shelves there are many parts for quick support and we are able to build test rails etc efficiently. For the lacquering customers, we also have a spray booth and equipment for automatic painting.

Plato's team has been working together for over 20 years to develop and build machines. We felt it was time to do it on our own. Our previous customers have followed us and we have received several new customers in addition. They usually find us on recommendations. The company grows slowly but surely.

How Plato can be a small company that delivers large complex systems, we explain in The secret of  being small and large at the same time.

Welcome to Plato Teknik AB if you have the roads by. We offer a cup of good swedish coffee!

  • Packing systems
  • Handling systems
  • Painting systems
  • GASS painting technology
  • Pharma
  • Food
  • Robotics
  • Vision systems